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Composer's Corner

We are pleased to include a number of composers amongst our members.  Please use this section to keep us informed of your recent compositions and performances. We are also pleased to include details of new trios and scores received.  

Recent scores or information received from our composer members - please contact us if you would like further details

Chris Brammeld - has been commissioned to write two short piano trios for the Intercollegiate Piano Trio Competitions which take place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in February and April 2018. 

Adrian Williams - Piano Trio - commissioned by our Society in memory of Dr Christopher Wynn Parry MBE and premiered by the Fidelio Trio on 5 November 2016.

Chris Brammeld - Piano Trio Op. 6 premiered by the Bedriska Trio on 26 November 2016.

Ian Wilson - has sent us the following information about his four piano trios:
Mais quand elle souit...piano trio no.1 (1993, 14')
The Seven Last Words...piano trio no.2 (1995, 27')
Catalan Tales...piano trio no 3 (1996, 22')
Negro, negro elegia...piano trio no 4 (2004, 14')
Trios 2 and 3 were recorded by the Kammerspiel piano trio for their 1997 album Seven Last Words, released on the Timbre label (DMHCD4)
The four trios have been played many times by ensembles from Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Spain and USA among others.

Howard Blake - Trio for violin, cello and piano Op 524 - 1962 revised 2001 - duration c.8.00 minutes

Patricia Leonard - Venetian Moonlight for Clarinet in A, Cello and Piano

Patricia Leonard - Strangely Close, Yet Distant for Viola, Cello and Piano

David Krok - Fragments for Violin, Cello and Piano











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